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AWS Amplify Hackathon on Hashnode

AWS Amplify Hackathon on Hashnode

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Maran Sowthri Kalailingam
·Feb 19, 2021·

1 min read

Who Am I

I'm Maran Sowthri Kalailingam , Software Engineer with 4 years of professional experience.

What have I designed for this Hackathon

  1. Developer Quiz - Live Site

Developer Quiz

  • A programming quiz app which includes 4 modules (Python, JavaScript, React, HTML & CSS)

  • Each module will produce 10 random questions.

  • Once you finished with the assessment, your points, ratings, time taken and explanation for each question will be presented.

  • Points are calculated based on test duration & no of right & wrong answers. developer-quiz.PNG

Technologies Used

This application has been deployed in AWS Amplify

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